Airtel Free HighSpeed Speed Internet on Mobile & Pc !!!

Airtel free internet surfing with resume downloading ON PC AND MOBILE WITH default browser and internet browser,,,speed is super fast than any other proxies…its capable to hold cache so its cache capable proxie with mind blowing speed FOR PC and mobile:

Trick: just connecct mobile with pc via pc suite.
put apn now open any browser (i recomdd mozill,a firefox or opera for resume downloading) and put this address
surfing site NAME without http.

Note: After ‘/’ put your site name with out http’ for
example: there are many appspot proxies working with our dis ip use any of the below: url without http; url without http; ur url without http; ur url without http; ur url without http, when u wil go to download page or tab just click the left button and copy the download link and paste it into below site (but remember romove the from download link ) and paste the rest orignal url in the search box of the below site: (plz open it in new tab) so its nothing but to surf via google appspot proxy engine and resume downloading via .de german proxy domain if u hv internet downd manager then it gives high speed wid resume support !!!


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